• Commented on Crying fire in a crowded theatre for pleasure and profit
    "Because these buildings were not designed with rapid evacuation in mind it's quite possible that the stairwells don't have the capacity to permit evacuation." I still recall participating in a fire drill evacuation of a govt. bldg with eight floors...
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    To continue my post: More to the point, it would seem to me that if DHS or it's political masters (like the Pres or Dr. Scranton) lack the critical institutional knowledge that the US nuked the Clan first, they might...
  • Commented on Attention Conservation Notice
    SPOILERS for entire MP series: Old Brain: not remembering details from first three books so well. How big a rat is Col. Smith? Was he part of (or at least knowledgeable about) the team that sent the ARMBAND'ed FADM to...
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