• Commented on Someone please sack the script-writers
    I'm sensing I may be in a minority here (yes, this is a major understatement 😉), but the Microsoft Android phone announcement was a big disappointment. When I started in my industry (s/w and h/w dev for broadcast video/audio in...
    Brings to mind "The Same To You Doubled" by Robert Sheckley (to bring the conversation back to SF+F 😀)...
  • Commented on Upcoming events
    Argh! Damnit, now I can't unread that... Could've sworn I found a hidden way to turn off the tune, but now can't find it. Mind you with the reliability of the machine I can't complain really....
  • Commented on Whoops Apocalypse!
    The story: https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/crime/2019/08/09/man-charged-felony-after-gun-incident-springfield-walmart/1971037001/ The best quote: “Andreychenko’s wife allegedly told police Andreychenko was an immature boy.” Yes, yes he is. “This is Missouri,” the statement quotes Andreychenko as saying. “I understand if we were somewhere else like New York or...
  • Commented on Ask me anything!
    Thanks! Had seen the jazz fest details but didn't know about the parade, will check it out....
  • Commented on Ask me anything!
    Thanks Graham. Arthur's Seat definitely on the list, I hiked up Salisbury Crags on my brief trip back in September. Historical stuff always of interest, so National Museum for definite - also walked past the Surgeons' Hall Museum yesterday, that...
  • Commented on Ask me anything!
    Hi Charlie, as usual a fascinating thread (long time lurker, seldom poster...). My question may not be nearly as interesting as others... Currently waiting for a plane to Edinburgh to meet my son for a long weekend - do you...
  • Commented on New publication dates (and audiobook news)
    How about a dentist? Could be a bridge to something new...😁 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostho_Plus (I loved that book when I was a kid - now I've found a full scan I'm going to see if it still holds up!)...
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