• Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    I think Michael Cain has it. Petition to join the United States, perhaps starting out as a territory. This has several advantages: 1. We're not Europe. 2. Death penalty. We've got it. You want it. 'Nuff said. 3. Pounds and...
  • Commented on Holding Pattern
    So sorry for your loss. My parents passed a few years ago, and it was a hard and unproductive time for me. You can't expect to go through stuff like this without it taking a toll. This is one of...
  • Commented on GDPR compliance notice
    I know what you mean, but to me it's incredibly tedious to read through privacy-related notices that recite in great detail that they are collecting (a) data I give them and (b) data that practically every web browser has sent...
  • Commented on GDPR compliance notice
    Sigh. I appreciate that you look out for your readers, but in a sane world, you could have saved half your words by saying "This is a normal website. It receives any data you or your browser send to it."...
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