• Commented on The gathering crisis
    "The Labour Party is probably correct in their assessment that struggling working class voters who are fed up of the Tories have nowhere else to go in large numbers." Unfortunately, they do - specifically, nowhere. They stay at home because...
  • Commented on A serious question
    Traditionally, one talks about a curse on the werewolf, not on the moon, so it seems reasonable that the activation of the "curse" is signalled psychologically rather than postulating a method of action from the imprecisely defined "full moon light"...
  • Commented on So you think you can be a reality TV producer
    Contestants take the role of newspaper reporters, competing to deliver eyeballs to advertisers. Each week, they're matched up with a specific advertiser and their target demographic, and their success or failure is determined algorithmically by a "special blend" of ad...
  • Commented on The obligatory general election discussion post
    I'm already on the antidepressants, but more of them might not be a bad idea... except I know from experience that I'd be right in the middle of the dose-change trough on election day. Here in Derby North, we have...
  • Commented on Social architecture and the house of tomorrow
    Fabric technology, and embedded electronics, may render the notion of a house less useful overall. If you have an overcoat that can extend and seal itself around your feet & hands, inflate padding over your back and hips, and extend...
  • Commented on The Inevitable Brexit Thread (1)
    Watson's comments are a good start, but he's very carefully not saying what the other option(s) on the People's Vote should be. If it doesn't include Remain it's worthless. A lot of people are saying they're afraid of far right...
  • Commented on The Inevitable Brexit Thread (1)
    Basically, there's no majority in Parliament for anything. While at the same time, you can find a majority against practically anything. Everyone "knows" that if there were a second referendum tomorrow, between No Deal & Remain, Remain would win -...
  • Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    We need a second referendum, clearly. The one that's been proposed is effectively "Abort, retry, ignore?", but we can do better than that. I propose an STV setup, proposing that we admit that this "UK" business was a fundamentally bad...
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