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    if we leave a lot of comments by that time it might add to shipping costs, but if it's a bunch of hot air it'll make it lighter...
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    great post. i feel like if corona came a decade earlier we'd have sorted the problem out fine without a vaccine because there were much less social-media fuelled culture war brain rot. [citation needed] 65-70% vaccine uptake in the face...
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    if what little we know of the 166 patients in the tshwane district will be similar in europe's older population then updating the vaccine for this variant is foolish and counter-productive, leading for further variants that evade immunity. there was...
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    i'm hopeful about this variant. sure it's only 166 mostly young people in south africa we have data about, but if you look at the cases vs. deaths graph for the first time in 4 waves for them the deaths...
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