• Commented on Typo Hunt: The Labyrinth Index
    109 sans ^ on the UK iBooks store version too. On both the iPad and iPhone, both running the most up to date versions of iOS (12.1) and books. I've got all the other typos already mentioned too. There are...
  • Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    Those who shouted most loudly about sovereignty in the referendum debate and before, who are having fits about the ECJ's inclusion in the withdrawal bill go further back than you. They introduce a bill to restore sovereignty properly, that is...
  • Commented on Do my Homework
    Uh, no, with the utmost respect to you, it's not that huge. There are women's organisations where it's happening. There are, as I understand it (being a white woman living in the UK, this is second hand) organisations for African...
  • Commented on Do my Homework
    Sorry Charlie. No disrespect intended but I read a lot (like typically 3-5 books a week). Remembering who wrote a book I read over a decade ago... not often going to happen....
  • Commented on Do my Homework
    Intersectionality is a big buzz word in feminist theory and has been for about 10 years. It is winding up Germaine Greer, who seems to wilfully misunderstand it every time I hear her speak. Very loosely, it says that as...
  • Commented on Do my Homework
    There is a little bit of it out there. Michelle Segara and Elizabeth Moon have both written some. They both have children on the autistic spectrum and have incorporated this into some of their writing. The Speed of Dark is...
  • Commented on GDPR compliance notice
    With the best will in the world, windypundit, talking about being compliant with the law isn't about normal people, it's about being seen to be compliant with what the lawyers need. Anyone who thinks lawyers are normal people needs a...
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