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    so the government in Westminster will be put in the impossible position of simultaneously defending the right of a nation to leave a larger federation, regardless of the economic and social uncertainty this causes, while opposing exactly that position in...
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    The only way around it is to have a diplomatic status Diplomatic status may or may not be recognized....
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    That said: This was a pretty crappy experience. If I knew I'd have to go through this every time, I'd probably stop traveling. I live close enough to the American border that I know lots of people who used to...
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    The US/Canada border cops have considerable on-the-spot authority. You aren't telling us something we didn't already know. Those of us who have travelled regularly across the border were always very aware of their authority to make our lives hellish. What...
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    Some Canadian citizens are getting stopped at the US border and turned back, for the crimes of (1) being brown and (2) being Muslim. This despite the rescinded travel ban. Fascists gonna fascist, I guess. I live on the Canadian...
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    "However JT is both more photogenic and charismatic than Harper and despite his 1% background" For non-Canadians this suggests a financial status that Trudeau doesn't have. JT's net worth is estimated by Forbes at slightly north of 1.2 million. The...
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    Two of my frustrations back when I used to teach Media Economics (in a Media rather than an Economics department) were the difficulty of getting students to appreciate the long term negative consequences of a monopsony and self defeating consequences...
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