Elf Sternberg

Elf Sternberg

  • Commented on Story time!
    I feel like you could mix in a bit of H. H. Holmes into the story, and it would be perfect....
  • Commented on Why Should You Care About Virtual Reality? Because It's A Source Of Hope.
    There is an English word, onism, which means, "The sorrow of having only one body and one life; the melancholy that comes with awareness of just how little of the world you will get to see." An explosion of virtual...
  • Commented on Updating a classic
    The thing about #1 is that it's basically a psychopath ploy. If you buy into The Gervais Principle (that every workforce can be divided into upper-level psychopaths fighting for higher tickets, low-level labor that doesn't want to play that game...
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