Sean Carter

Sean Carter

  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Labyrinth Index
    I know that I'm responding to a really old comment, but I wanted to flag that Portland sadly ended the fareless transit service in city center back in 2012. It's particularly annoying because it made traffic there a little bit...
  • Commented on Submarine coming through!
    jcandiloro @ 1021: Can you lay off the hate for people with MBAs For what it's worth, I read the complaint not so much as about MBAs per se as about those who think that because they have an MBA,...
  • Commented on Dead plots
    Completely off-topic, but apparently David Graeber passed away yesterday. Debt was a really, truly remarkable book and he was still relatively young.
  • Commented on I ain't dead
    Re OGH @ 16: Even if it falls short, it's going to be spectacular My understanding of rocketry is that generally, given the energies and/or velocities involved, any sort of failure tends towards the spectacular....
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas"
    I know that this blog's commentariat isn't filled with too many sport enthusiasts, but the combination of pandemic-driven lockdowns ending seasons prematurely (see also, the Olympics) and the economic collapse tanking the net worth of owners, there's going to be...
  • Commented on Update to Public Appearances in a time of pandemic
    Not surprising to me to hear that Asher is climate denialist/brexiteer. His Owner trilogy felt like a pretty big giveaway about his personal political views. But it's a real shame because the Polity setting has a couple really interesting ideas...
  • Commented on So you think you can be a reality TV producer
    RE: Charlie @488 Something has gone very, very wrong when the government has been captured by the mining lobby so effectively. I have a sneaking suspicion that the *something* is named Murdoch and is also largely responsible for government capture...
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