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Brief commercial interlude

Because I get asked this a lot ... the US Audiobook edition of "The Annihilation Score" has finally materialized. (Actually, it dropped a week or so ago but I've been flailing around in the guts of a novel and too busy to mention it.) You can find the Amazon Audible page here;; if you know of different platforms/vendors feel free to add a comment.

No, there is no UK/EU audio edition. Nor are there other new UK audio editions of my books. Here's the (lengthy) explanation of why this is so.

Because Amazon hates your wallet, US customers can now buy an ebook bundle of all six Laundry Files novels. This includes "The Annihilation Score". (Yes, part of the high price is a side-effect of TAS still being priced against the hardcover. It'll get cheaper next June when the paperback comes out ... then shoot right up again a month later when they add "The Nightmare Stacks" to the bundle.) There's no UK bundle option yet, but I'm going to suggest it to the folks at Orbit.

If you're a completist, you may also want to add Three Tales from the Laundry Files — an ebook-only bundle consisting of "Overtime", "Equoid", and "Down on the Farm" (which are not collected in any other volumes so far). (UK customers should go here).




I had a brief poke around on Amazon yesterday, wondering when Dark State was due, but it's not until late next year. Oh well, I've probably got enough to read (and re-read) until then anyway. I admit to being occasionally tempted by the idea of audiobooks, and might give them a try one day, but prefer the dead tree version of everything.


I'm not really an audio book listener, but had been curious about who would voice this one, so listened to the sample last week. It sounds decent to me, but wasn't expecting a Scottish accent (and saw that the reader has read a lot of Highland romance novels). I always assumed Mo would have some sort of Irish accent, but don't remember if it's been mentioned in the books. So I'm wondering how she 'sounds' when writing her?


To my inner ear, she's English, home counties (south east).

Which is part of the reason I never, ever listen to audiobooks of my work.


IIRC (which is unlikely, but we shall live in hope) Bob mistakes her for Irish when they first met and then gives out about his tin ear for accents when she says something which reveals she isn't.


Thanks. Shouldn't make assumptions based on a name, and like I said, I don't remember if where she's from was ever mentioned. I'll reread them eventually.


I thought the narrator was excellent (actually both narrators to date). It occurred to me that they might have chosen the Scottish accent for Mo because the previous narrator for the Bob POV uses a Scottish-y accent for her. But in any case, she was a great narrator that complimented another fabulous Laundry novel. I love this series ever so much and recommend it all the time to people.


Looking forward to the Laundry Files bundle on Kobo. Amazon is great for so much, but not touching the Kindle only e-books.


Does Kobo support ebook bundles? (I don't know; never used it, don't want to do business with W. H. Smiths.)


I did audible for books 2-5, but the delay for TAS annoyed me, so I went with the Kindle edition. Kinda glad now too, because although this a Mo Book, I'm used to hearing her from a specific voice. It throws me off to switch Narrators.

Not as afraid for TNS, due to our FANG not being as solid in my brain.


It has Three Tales from the Laundry Files and also the Merchant Princes Omnibus...volumes. Surely if someone else publishes it Kobo will shortly have it also. If "bundling" is that special Amazon thing where you simply get all the e-books together at a bulk discount, no, Kobo doesn't do that. But you can download into an Adobe format that can often also be read using Calibre, so...collections can be complete and all in the same format. And on all devices.


The Kindle bundles aren't discounted. What they are is a button you press once to buy the entire series -- with the price of any books you've already bought deducted so you don't get billed twice.

As the Kindle store sells everything on one-click, buying a lengthy series is a tedious grind (you buy one book, then you have to go search for the next and hit the button ...) -- this feature just takes the legwork out of it. No discount, alas.


Of note for German readers: currently sells the first Merchant Princess Omnibus UK e-book for 1,04€. And the UK e-books of the other two Omnibusses are much cheaper than the US editions.



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