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Beer, San Francisco

I'm flying home on Wednesday, but tomorrow (Tuesday July 19th) I'll be drinking in Mikkeller Bar at 34 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 (near 5th and Market) from 7pm, and if you can read this you're welcome to join me.



Since someone brought this up a little while ago, and hasn't anything to do with recent discussions, I'll leave this here. Is Reddit's Creepy '_9MOTHER9HORSE9EYES9' a Netflix Marketing Stunt?


Glad to hear it -- I hope to drop by and join you for a drink.


I'd love to go, but I'm 40 hours away by car!

Get someone to have one for me.


While I'm thinking of it,

Can we expect a review of Scrivener for iOS? I have a few questions (not that this is really the place to ask them), mainly if it will run on older iPads?


Okay, never mind--mostly, still wouldn't mind a review.

Like Wilde said; "I can resist everything except temptation" All's well so far.


Not apropos of this particular blog post, but simply because it's the most opportune place for me to drop this, and Charlie has mentioned keeping an eye out for it:

It looks like Scrivener for iOS is available in the App Store as of yesterday.


Greetings, Do you have any upcoming appearances in Scotland? I'm Australian living in Glen Orchy for a couple of months and would love to see you while here. Thanks


Do you have any upcoming appearances in Scotland?

Nope, not as such. While I live in Edinburgh, Scotland is a full-sized country and I don't get out into the highlands very often. (In fact, you're more likely to find me in Sydney or Melbourne than Glen Orchy.) Also, I just did my launch promo events for THE NIGHTMARE STACKS and I'm both exhausted and needing to spend a bunch of head-down time in my office, working on the next book(s).

This doesn't mean I can't be found in pubs around Edinburgh, but strictly on a social drinking basis rather than as a performing monkey act.



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