• Commented on How I feel this morning
    I read feeds across a triple-boot, as well as on my phone and tablet. I really do need something that can sync my read/unread list across all those devices. I guess I was never huge on Google being the intermediary...
  • Commented on Understanding Reader Reviews
    I think you've hit on a couple of good points that generalize: I tend to be wary of one- and five-star reviews regardless of the product, for much the reasons you describe -- five-star reviews often come from people who've...
  • Commented on Always Look on the Bright Side of... SF
    Well, there's dark and there's dark-for-the-sake-of-dark. I have little use for the latter. I'm a superhero fan, and THERE'S a genre dominated by dark-for-the-sake-of-dark. 25 years ago people read Watchmen and decided that rape and murder and sexual dysfunction were...
  • Commented on The Importance of Being Geek
    Huh -- I had the phone thing too. (Still hate the damn things. I'm early-adopter enough that I can honestly say I've always preferred E-Mail. I didn't get a cell phone until around 2005, and didn't get a smartphone until...
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