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    "That's funny, I've gotten my LED bulbs from a combination of B&Q and Tesco" Well, yes, I'd tried those. No good if you need the same degree of light omni-directionality as normal incandescent ones. But if they work for you......
  • Commented on Crib Notes: Empire Games
    Admittedly off-topic, but... Greg is after an LED replacement for a 100W bayonet bulb. So was I. But the hunt is over: try LED Hut's (ledhut.co.uk) 11W B22 (Bayonet) Filament LED Bulb - Frosted (3000K). I've now replaced all my...
  • Commented on Deploying the monomyth in Space Opera
    But as Lem pointed out, those drives may have absolutely nothing to do with us. Golem XIV in particular springs to mind. And then there is the intelligence from "Limfater's Formula", which does not fit in any case....
  • Commented on Deploying the monomyth in Space Opera
    Love it! Add Charlie's inimitable style and I am ready with my plastic....
  • Commented on Defining space opera
    Am I the only one to think that "A Fire Upon the Deep" is the one book most closely instantiating the Platonic ideal of a space opera? I agree, BTW, that "Lady of Mazes" should also count, but it is...
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