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  • Commented on The Curse of Laundry
    Sheldrake's theory of formative causation? Or perhaps HMG/GCHQ are on to you and changing reality to make your writing appear to be fiction? As for politics, you have to admire the Ukrainian sport of stuffing their politicians into waste bins....
  • Commented on Some thoughts on turning 50
    Happy birthday. Fifty's not so bad. Think of it in hex if it feels better. Tombstone? How about 'behind you'? Cheers...
  • Commented on Not a Manifesto
    It's interesting when you get someone in history like Brunelleschi,who was almost dropped into Florence like a time traveller from the future. He built the (then) world's largest dome without scaffolding, built a hoist with a three-speed gearbox plus reverse...
  • Commented on Competition Time!
    Disciplinary Hearing in regard of a breach of the remote access policy. You are required to attend a formal investigatory hearing at the above date and time. You may bring a colleague or staff association representative in accordance with policy,...
  • Commented on Spook Century
    The ONE thing I have trouble suspending disbelieve with in the Laundry series is the promotion track Bob finds himself on. I know people in real life who are every bit as good in what they do as Bob is...
  • Commented on Why Microsoft Word must Die
    A plain HTML editor anyone?...
  • Commented on Why Microsoft Word must Die
    The easiest word processor I ever used was Writing Assistant. I would still offer it to the general office worker as 'good enough for most of what you want to do'. Probably the most useful was WordPerfect 5.1. I used...
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