Bill Blondeau

Bill Blondeau

  • Commented on Introducing new guest blogger: April Daniels
    Dreadnought is a damned good read, sharply inventive, thoughtfully written, with head-over-heels pacing and humane characters. Also, it's pretty refreshing to read an intelligent treatment of a transgendered protagonist. Well done, April_D....
  • Commented on We get mail (contd.)
    For a long time now I've felt that the relationship between spirituality and religion pretty closely parallels that between sex and marriage. In each case, the former is a widespread human experience, much alike across a wide range of cultures...
  • Commented on The internet of decay
    Searching the comments, these are words and phrases that, as I type this, do not show up: Complexity Emergent Systems Theory Complex Systems Feedback Loop I modestly submit that this is an omission. Emergent behavior is a thing. In other...
  • Commented on The Day After
    On the off chance you haven't seen this tweet: BRITAIN: Brexit is the stupidest, most self-destructive act a country could undertake.USA: Hold my beer.— Brian Pedaci (@bpedaci) November 9, 2016...
  • Commented on The sky's gone dark
    Dammit. I've got work to do, but someone on the internet is wrong. Briefly, most of the comments so far (with @RDSouth as an excellent exception, with an honorable mention to @Hisham), while informed and thoughtful, neglect the systems aspect...
  • Commented on Magic systems and my world building process
    Thanks, Aliette. (I'm really looking forward to reading The House of Shattered Wings, btw.) This is a serious subject, and one on which I think I part company with most of the good folks here. I think Clarke's Third Law...
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