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    Greg @155 I'd argue they aren't even feminists, they happily work with the most odious of America's christian right wing who in all other respects are about as anti-feminist as you can get. Personally I like the description Feminism Approriating...
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    @ 90 I say "London" heavy because the Guardian hasn't been known as the "Manchester Guardian" since 1959, they started printing in London in 1961, and moved the editorial staff there in 1964. Although the Guardian still has an office...
  • Commented on Decision Fatigue
    The Guardan staff are split in their attitudes to transgender people, one or two of them are good, a few are OK, but significant number are truly awful. They're the best of the London heavies in general, but you should...
  • Commented on Omicron
    What all of you optimists except Charlie seem to be forgetting is that long COVID affects 15-80%* of all cases even the mildest. There is already evidence that having had beta or delta COVID doesn't protect you from having omicron,...
  • Commented on Lessons learned: writing really long fiction
    WaveyDavey I find the JD Robb books to be mostly a fun fairly light read, they are not classical romances in that the main protagonist does not change from book to book, although we do see other romances develop over...
  • Commented on Ever Young?
    I am 56 and was going to say, like several others have, that losing both parents did it for me, but I had to go off and do some household adulting which gave me time to ponder the question for...
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