• Commented on The Pivot
    Trump could be impeached yes. However even if the impeachment process were to take place immediately after the midterms the whole circus can very well drag on until 2020, especially since much of it also depends on Mueller's investigations which...
  • Commented on New Book Week!
    I don't want to spoil anything and my original point was addressed by the author sufficiently, but suffice it to say said character came from a place that would be hilariously unlikely to use SI units even if the American...
  • Commented on New Book Week!
    So, first off, very good indeed, a tense ride all the way to the end. The worst that could be said of it is perhaps that because it is the middle book nothing gets resolved while the plot threads keep...
  • Commented on Burn The Programmer!
    This is certainly not the first time that programming and software engineering in general has been compared to magic, it's almost an cliche joke in the tech industry that we're effectively performing black magic, adding bizarre lines of code to...
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