• Commented on 2117 revisited
    I think it's important to understand what [...] since 2007 it has increasing brought prosperity to an ever-smaller elite at the very apex while conditions stagnate or decline for everyone else [...] actually means. In particular it is informative to...
  • Commented on Popcorn Time
    The only way I can make sense of this is that May actually wants Scottish independence. Because the way she is treating the issue seems to be calculated to cause enough offence that people vote leave just to avoid being...
  • Commented on The sky's gone dark
    Well, I said I didn't entirely believe it. I also was not clear that by 'getting humans into space' I meant 'beyond LEO, for long periods' which really means Mars in the short term, or perhaps the Moon (suspect Mars...
  • Commented on The sky's gone dark
    Forecasts as to whether you need an umbrella or not have indeed got much better: as quoted elsewhere a three-day forecast now is better than a one-day forecast in 1980. Long-term forecasts probably have got better much more slowly because...
  • Commented on The sky's gone dark
    I don't know what he's complaining about. Weather forecasts, obviously, can not be perfect, since the system is pretty much the poster child for something that can't be predicted far ahead. But it's important to understand that they are indeed...
  • Commented on The sky's gone dark
    The 'last frontier' thing is good, I think. It's obvious (well, obvious to me, so probably both not obvious and not true) that the closest we got to actually getting people into space was in the early 70s, and it...
  • Commented on The sky's gone dark
    Weather forecasting has indeed got a lot better over the last fifty years or so, and there are a lot of detailed statistics which demonstrate this. The standard thing people say is that the week-ahead forecast is now as good...
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