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Brian Lucey

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    Meanwhile, in brexit.... The UK going for a hard no deal tear up the NI Protocol brexit. Which only makes sense if you want to be seen as untrustworthy gommalogues with whom nobody sentient would want to do business.......
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas"
    An interesting point of comparison is Ireland v the UK This basically notes that (even allowing for somewhat lower pop density) and even before we go into the UK death toll being suppressed due to not properly counting nursing...
  • Commented on The Inevitable Brexit Thread (2)
    "The Cooper-Letwin Bill reciving Royal Assent is VERY USEFUL to May, actually - it "ties her hands", so that No-Deal is impossible, thus frustrating the ultra-brexit loonies" Errr no It doesn't. It has zero binding power on the EU. It...
  • Commented on The Inevitable Brexit Thread (2)
    A point that is often forgotten is that 30k British Soldiers 10k RUC 10k UDR (a overwhelmingly protestant militia regiment to try to localise the issues which worked great when one's neighbour would pull one over with armed intent and...
  • Commented on "Tomorrow belongs to me"
    no. EU Citizenship comes from national citizenship where the nation is a member of hte EU. So, you will become, oh, Moldova, for nationality purposes....
  • Commented on "Tomorrow belongs to me"
    Most in Ireland have a complex feeling this AM. Sad, that our neighbour is having a psychotic break. Schaudenfreud at the English empire breaking up. Fear, at the forces unloosed next door. Concern/ill disguised glee at seeing unionist politicians in...
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