Ramsay in hope

Ramsay in hope

  • Commented on Quantum of Nightmares
    Are the European typewriter and Merlin helicopter on the cover things we should expect to see explained in the text rather than just stock images?...
  • Commented on Invisible Sun: Themes and Nightmares
    On Big River in the product description, about the author: wherever they have got that text from the have spelt “Delirium” incorrectly....
  • Commented on Invisible Sun: Themes and Nightmares
    Murderbot is a security droid intended to work in human environments. It is not intended to pass for human. It wants to understand itself not learn to be human. I have only read Saturn’s children recently. Freya is really interesting...
  • Commented on On inappropriate reactions to COVID19
    164 Have you read Watchmen?...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: Dead Lies Dreaming
    Hi it is pronounced as Book clue. When are you here? I live up in the hills above Moffat...
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